Mason Veteran Patriots

Mason Veteran Patriots is an official chapter of the Student Veterans of America.

The group, which works to provide an all-inclusive environment for the student veteran community, got its start in 2006 as the Veterans Society of George Mason University.

The society organizes social activities for the Mason veteran population to connect not only on campus with fellow student veterans, but also with local veterans’ groups. Veterans from such nearby organizations as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion also interact with the society.

The current leadership team includes:

  • Chapter Leader and President: EJ Delpero
  • Vice President of Operations: Sammie Jacques
  • Policy and Relations: Corey Berkey
  • Public Relations - Alumni Network: Steve Edson
  • General Counselor: Calvin Gilliam
  • Secretary and Ambassador Support: Hunter King
  • Treasurer: Matthew Delage

Chapter advisors are T. Ryan Barnett and Jennifer Connors of the Office of Military Services.

Members of MasonVets attend NatCon 2018. NatCon is the Student Veterans of America's annual conference, an annual gathering of student veterans, advocates, and supporters in higher education. Participants have the opportunity to learn from more than 2,000 of their peers.