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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does the VA say they don’t have a record of my enrollment?

The VA will not have a record of enrollment until we submit that information. If the student has a VRRF on file, their information will be submitted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Why did I receive a letter from the VA saying my tuition and fees were not charged?

George Mason uses a dual-certification process. The initial information sent to the VA is only credit hours—this allows the VA to being immediate payment of book stipend and housing stipend. A second certification will be sent to the VA after the tuition-penalty add/drop periods are over. This certification will include tuition and fees.

Can I get Yellow Ribbon?

Student must be 100% eligible for Post-9/11. Student may not be on active duty or active duty spouse (until 1 August 2022). Children of active duty servicemembers who are 100% eligible may receive Yellow Ribbon. Student will likely benefit more from Section 702, if eligible.

I cannot send you a copy of my military ID.

Per DoDI 1000.13, 23 January 2014, “Examples of authorized photocopying include photocopying of DoD ID cards to facilitate…military-related benefits to eligible beneficiaries.”

Will the GI Bill pay for study abroad?

Depends highly on the student’s degree program and the study abroad program. Generally, if the study abroad program requirement can be fulfilled domestically, the VA will only cover tuition. If the student’s degree program (usually graduate) specifically requires a study abroad program, the VA may cover more. Student should ask Study Abroad for a cost-breakdown sheet.

What are my chances of getting in to Mason?

The Office of Admissions is the primary contact for admission information. A competitive transfer students generally has a 2.85+ college GPA which aligns with the crtieria published in guaranteed admissions agreements with VCCS. Students who have been out of high school for 5+ years do not have to submit SAT/ACT scores. Transfer students have rolling admissions, freshman students have hard deadlines to apply.

Why do you need my/my sponsor’s SSN?

Schools use the VA Once website to communicate enrollment information to the VA. The VA uses social security numbers as file numbers.

When do I get my enrollment deposit back?

When the school bills the VA for tuition and recieves payment of tuition and fees, the enrollment deposit will appear as a credit in the student’s account, and may then be withdrawn.

I have a scholarship. How does that affect the GI Bill?

Scholarships and grants that specifically pay for tuition will be deducted from the tuition billed to the VA.   Scholarships and grants that are not tuition specific will not affect the amount of money billed to the VA.  However, those funds won't be refundable until the VA has paid.

How do I transfer my benefit to a dependent?

Transfer of benefits can be initiated or adjusted at Servicemembers must have served a minimum of six years and commit to an additional service obligation, generally four years.

How do I verify my enrollment for Chapter 1606/Chapter 30?

Students must submit a Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (W.A.V.E) every month on or 1-877-823-2378. We recommend that students submit toward the end of the month.

Where do I send my TA authorization form?

TA authorization paperwork is sent to Third Party Billing. They can be reached at or the Student Accounts phone number, 703-993-2484.




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