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Military Activation Policy

Uniformed services students at Mason who are deployed, mobilized, or must change their duty assignment after classes have started don't have to worry about financial penalties.

You're considered a uniformed services student if you're on active duty in the armed forces, in the Reserves, or National Guard. If you're called to duty for more than 30 days, we have policies in place to ease your transition.

Tuition/Fees Refunds

If you must withdraw from all courses due to a deployment, mobilization, or change in duty assignment, you can get a full refund of all tuition and fees by filling out a Tuition Refund Request (PDF).

If you have an unpaid account balance at the time of deployment, Mason will set up a payment schedule. The university will not initiate a collection action while you're deployed. However, you'll need to resolve any unpaid balance issue before you re-enroll.

If you're getting VA benefits, you'll also need to resubmit (change to request) the Veterans Registration Reporting Form to Mason to reflect the change.

Deferred Enrollment

If you've applied to Mason and been accepted, you can defer enrollment for up to two consecutive semesters by submitting a written request to the Office of Military Services. If you need a longer deferral, you'll need to include a copy of your military orders with the request.

If you must defer or discontinue enrollment because of military services after you've paid a deposit or other fee, you can get a full refund by contacting an admissions coordinator by emailing

Room and Board

If you're living in a Mason residence hall and must leave after the semester starts, you'll need to fill out the Agreement Release Request Form (PDF). Take the form and a copy of your orders to the Housing and Residence Life office, which is in Potomac Heights on the Fairfax Campus.

If you've paid a housing deposit or semester fee and must defer or discontinue enrollment before classes start because of military services, submit a Refund Request Form (PDF) for a full refund.

Academic Credit

If you can't complete a course or courses because of deployment, mobilization, or change in duty assignment, you can withdraw effective the date on your orders. Contact the Office of the University Registrar to process course withdrawals. You'll need to provide a copy of your orders and submit them with the Selective Withdrawal Form. To access the form, you'll need to log in with your Mason network credentials.


You can request an incomplete grade for military deployment, mobilization, or duty changes occurring in the final three weeks of the course if you've satisfactorily completed more than 50 percent of the course requirements. You'll need to submit a copy of your orders to the Office of the University Registrar. The deadline for removing an incomplete given on the basis of military service is the last day of the subsequent term, which includes the summer term. This option requires joint agreement of the student and faculty member(s).

Reinstatement on Return from Military Service

Students who withdraw due to military deployment, mobilizations, or duty changes can return without having to re-qualify for admission if they:

  • Return after a cumulative absence of no more than three years.
  • Notify the Office of Military Services (OMS) of the intent to return to Mason no later than three years after the military service obligation is completed.

You must provide OMS with a copy of your orders citing the end-of-duty date.

If you were on academic probation or suspension when you left for active military duty and you've been absent for one or more semesters, you'll need to schedule a meeting with your program's dean of students prior to re-enrollment. In some circumstances, you could be denied admission or admitted under a conditional re-entry.

Reinstatement into Specific Program of Study

If you've declared a major and want to return to the same program after an absence of more than three years, an advisor/academic unit head must review the course work you completed before your withdrawal. This counseling is required to make sure the previously completed coursework is current and applicable to the major. The adviser will help you develop an academic plan to complete your degree. If you hadn't declared a major before you left, you'll need to consult an advisor to get help with an academic plan.

Textbook Refunds

If you bought textbooks from Mason's bookstore, you can return them for a full refund or credit. Bring your receipts, a copy of your orders, and a valid military identification card.

If you have any questions about any of these policies, contact the Office of Military Services at 703-993-1316.

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