Veteran Readiness and Employment,VR&E, Chapter 31

The Office of Military Services works closely with the VA through the VetSuccess on Campus program to help disabled military personnel and veterans get the benefits and accommodations they need to study here.

The VA's aid program, also known as Chapter 31, provides beneficiaries with tuition, fees, books, and supplies through payments made to a student account. You might also receive a monthly stipend. To qualify for Chapter 31, you must

  • Have a service-connected disability that the Department of Veterans Affairs rates at least 20 percent disabling.
  • Need vocational rehabilitation to deal with an employment handicap.

Chapter 31 benefits do not affect your eligibility for Pell grants. For a summary of the program's requirements, read the VA's Chapter 31 fact sheet (PDF).

If you think you qualify for aid through Chapter 31, you must meet with a VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  Xavier Thompson is the Chapter 31 counselor assigned to Mason. He can be Contacted at 202-530-9262 ext. 3832.

The process for Chapter 31:

  • The Chapter 31 counselor will meet with you and design a program to meet your employment needs
  • Often, this includes completing a college degree program.  If approved for higher education, the counselor will require a degree plan. This document can't be completed until you have been admitted and submitted an intent to enroll deposit. You will work with your academic advisor to complete the plan which will include the number of credits and expected time frame to complete our degree.
  • Prior to every term and after you have registered for classes, you are required to submit a Veterans Registration and Reporting Form (VRRF)
  • The Chapter 31 counselor will then submit a series of purchase orders through a third party vendor system called Tungsten. Your assigned counselor will also provide you with the purchase order numbers. The bookstore PO number is different than the parking PO number. You will need these PO numbers to get your parking pass and order books through the school book store, Barnes and Noble. 
  • For immediate assistance with Chapter 31, please contact our Chapter 31 School Certifying Official, Michael Williams.


Mason also has a VetSuccess counselor on campus 2 days a week.


In 2002, Jason Sturm lost his left leg below the knee in an Army training exercise. Now, he's a world champion bobsledder and a CrossFit trainer for amputee and non-amputee clients. “I’d like to start a nonprofit that builds custom sports prosthetics," he says.