George Mason University Office of Military Services

My CAA - Spouse Education and Career Opportunities

School and Military Spouse must work together to come up with a E&TP, Education and Training Plan to be uploaded to MyCAA before approval can be made for financial assistance.

School generated document

  • Spouse Name
  • School Organization Contact Information- Correct name of school and campus location, address, website, phone number
  • Program name as listed in the school or organization’s course catalog
  • Program Type
    • Associate’s Degree- must have a concentration not in general studies or liberal arts; list course titles and codes; classes the spouse has already registered for and any transfer credits; per credit hour charge or breakdown of all tuition and fees
    • Certificates- list all courses, blocks of study, modules, topics, or program outline; program and/or course codes issued by the school; all “self- paced” programs will need to clearly list the longest recommended duration for completion; cost of tuition or a breakdown of all charges
    • Licenses/Certificates- these E&TP are for tests/exams only; name of the license; an indication if the license will require additional study; cost of test fee or breakdown of all charges; CEU’s to maintain a standing license or certification must identify the specific classes and must be accompanied by a valid license
    • GED/ESL- must be a part of a certificate or Associate’s degree related occupation and career goal and match the plan type in the E&TP; program plans for GED/ESL must be a part of a plan which details how these classes support a career goal; name of the designation of study (continuing education, GED, ESL); why these courses or block of study are needed
  • Program Duration
  • Estimated Start and Completion dates of degree, certificate or license courses (approximate date student will start the first class/module and approximate date student will complete the last class/module)
  • Detail of all required education- All courses (or the block of study) for which MyCAA financial assistance may be used (include course names/titles/codes)

Note: A list containing a range of possible electives will need to be included in the document. Only courses listed on the E&TP will be approved for MyCAA funding.

Note: Spouses will receive notice in their MyCAA Account Message Box when their plan is approved. Notification can take up to 14 calendar days. Remember, spouses must request MyCAA financial assistance (FA) on a course-by-course basis after the E&TP is approved and course start/end dates are known. FA must be requested between 60 and 15 days prior to the class start date.