George Mason University Office of Military Services

Class Attendance

You must attend class and submit assigned work in order to receive GI Bill® and Chapter 35 benefits, according to VA regulations. If you receive an "F" in a class for not attending or not submitting assignments, you may have to repay your veterans education benefits. The USDVA also requires the University to report "N" grades that do not count toward your grade point average (GPA) or criteria for graduation requirements. If you receive an "N" in a class, you will be charged with an overpayment.

Not attending a class or reporting a registration change could also affect other financial aid that you receive. Before you cancel a class, go online to the Office of the Registrars page to understand the consequences of lowering your credit load. You may cancel or add a course online or come in to the Office of the Registrar. You must also report your registration changes to the Registrars Office to make sure that the VA is informed of your change in credit load and you are informed of how it might affect your benefits status.

If you are facing challenges in your classes or you have any questions about the cancel/add process, please contact the Office of Military Services in the Johnson Center as early as possible to learn about academic and tutoring resources that are available to you at the University and/or through the Department of Veteran Affairs.