George Mason University Office of Military Services

Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act

George Mason University is compliant with Sections 702 of the Veteran’s Access, Choice, and Accountability Act. The Veteran’s Choice Act grants in-state tuition to covered individuals as follows:

  1. A veteran who was discharged or released from a period of not fewer than 90 days of service in the active military, naval, or air service less than three years before the date of enrollment in the course concerned.
  2. An individual who is entitled to assistance under Chapter 33 by virtue of such individual’s relationship to a veteran described above. This person can’t currently be on active duty.
  3. Children or Surviving Spouses qualified for the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship who enrolls within 3 years of an active duty Service member’s death in the line of duty after serving 90 days or more are also eligible.

For frequently asked questions regarding eligibility, please refer to the information published by SCHEV at

Mason Process:

Step 1) Review eligibility requirements in FAQs

Step 2) Submit your VRRF requesting certification of your VA benefits

  • Indicate on the VRRF you would like to apply for in-state tuition under the provisions of Section 702. This is an option on the VRRF.

Step 3) Provide source documentation to the Office of Military Services at or in person

  • Certificate of Eligibility for VA Benefits
  • Individual DD 214 (proof of service of the person from whom the entitlement arose)
    1. must have been separated from service within 3 years of initial enrollment
    2. must have served at least 90 days active duty
  • Proof of Residency in Virginia
    “Living in the state” could be satisfied via off-campus housing within Virginia, on-campus housing, temporary housing, rental or ownership housing, and even documented confirmation of a non-contract residence with another individual.

Step 4) Upon approval, a tuition exemption will be applied to the student account for the current semester only.

Note: This benefit is not automatic and must be applied for each semester.

**Direct questions regarding processing and eligibility to the Office of Military Services at 703-993-2428 or via email